World’s First home wifi solution that offers Experience as a Service.

Experience-as-a-service (Eaas) brings a better user experience to your wireless network-managed solutions through machine learning.


Intelligent Setup

NMesh’s highly secure yet easy network setup and management will:

  • Guide you every step of the way for optimal placement.
  • Continuously monitor as we manage your experience through Machine Learning.
  • Provide guidance for optimal repositioning as we learn and adapt to changes in your home.

Whole-Home Coverage

To ensure a reliable, “home-wide” coverage with up to 10 times greater data transfer speed, our solution is designed to:

  • Continuously monitor network capacity, connectivity, and performance.
  • Identify network problems and automatically correct them where possible.
  • Advise you through your customer support with corrective recommendations.

Application-Aware Performance

Mitigate streaming issues in video conferencing video streaming and gaming

  • Performance-tune network resources for each user, device, and application.
  • Mitigate streaming-related issues in video-conferencing, entertainment, and gaming.
  • Enable “work-from-home” optimization and prioritization during core activities.


Our solution can monitor network traffic, blacklist compromised devices, and eliminate security vulnerabilities to give you:

  • Recommendation and deployment of countermeasures
  • Security anomaly detection
  • Parental protection and guest access

Benefits of our Solution



Reduce development cost with:

  • Chipset vendor and mesh protocol agnostic
  • Fast-plug-and-play integration
  • White label mobile app and SDK

Customer Service

Decrease customer support costs with:

  • Fewer, shorter support calls
  • Fewer truck rolls
  • Lower churn


Increase revenues by leveraging:

  • New services (Security, Work from Home tools suite, WiFi motion
  • Equipment upgrade recommendations
  • Higher NPS captures new customers

Business Process

Streamline business processes with:

  • Product and marketing planning insights through network statistics
  • Easy integration into ISP management systems
  • Flexible license model

Optimization Times Four: The NMesh Difference

NMesh leverages four network optimization tools to maximize user experience.


Enhance every performance aspect with NMesh

Learn how to take advantage of these performance tools
NMesh is awarded with the

Best Service Provider Solution for 2019