Optimization times four

NMesh optimizes the connectivity requirements for each application using a four-pronged approach.

A hybrid edge- and cloud-based learning model

NMesh takes a four-pronged approach driven by machine learning algorithms to self-manage and self-heal the network for optimal device and application performance.

Optimized Capacity

NMesh monitors if the network currently has sufficient capacity to always serve your application requirements and recommends solutions to the ISP Support team for increasing capacity where needed. This may include upgrading the mesh nodes to the latest WiFi technology, adding mesh nodes for better coverage, upgrading to a higher bandwidth plan, or other revenue-generating options.

Optimized Connectivity

NMesh continuously tracks the connectivity states of all your devices and detects issues. Whenever problems are detected, our Connectivity management algorithms attempt to self-heal using a variety of techniques depending on the connectivity issue, and where healing is not possible, our algorithms alert the user about the issue.

Optimized Performance

Since some applications require prioritizing either throughput over latency or latency over throughput, and some require a balance, NMesh accommodates application- and scenario-specific requirements by optimizing the important performance elements needed by each application. It uses techniques including band steering, channel steering and load balancing to improve throughput, latency, and jitter.

Optimized Security

NMesh Security provides a comprehensive security package that protects the consumer from attacks and provides peace-of-mind. NMesh automatically repairs security vulnerabilities if possible and reports any actions taken. If unable to repair automatically, it alerts ISP customer support and recommends corrective actions.

* These percentages are for representational purposes only and are based on customer-specific use cases. Improvement outcomes may vary.

Network management tools for Subscribers and ISPs

Control App

NMesh provides a reference app with a rich set of features that enable the consumer or ISP support technician to monitor and control the WiFi network, including:

  • Easy, intuitive network installation and upgrades (guidance for optimal mesh node location)
  • Diagnosis for network problems and guiding user to solutions
  • Graphical depiction of current network topology (all mesh nodes and connected client devices)
  • Easily customizable app to accommodate ISP features and branding

Cloud Service

The Cloud Service interacts with the mesh network to assist local functions, provide data for customer support, and enable analytics for technical and marketing insights.

  • Dashboard-based tool set for ISP customer support personnel to remotely diagnose and solve customer network problems
  • APIs for integration with other ISP software systems and customizing dashboards
  • Real-time monitoring of customer networks and collection of key network data for analytics
  • Analytics to inform product and process improvements, and business planning trends

Value Added Features for the Subscriber

Access Controls

NMesh Access Controls provide a flexible set of Parental Controls and Guest Network Access, managed by the NMesh Control App.

Parental Controls Key Features
  • Block/Unblock all Internet access manually
  • Schedule an Internet block – start/end times
  • Block web sites by category – always or scheduled
  • Block specific websites – always or scheduled
  • Block specific applications – always or scheduled
  • Limit device throughput – always or scheduled
Guest Network Access Key Features
  • Enable setting up a separate network with different SSID & password to isolate from the main network.

WiFi Motion Sensing

NMesh WiFi Motion Sensing detects motion throughout the home for security and safety without the privacy risks of surveillance cameras.

Key Features
  • Alerts smartphone app when motion is detected by WiFi network & indicates location of motion
  • Set thresholds for motion detection to reduce false alarms
  • Establish schedule windows when alerts are active
  • Maintain motion history according to parameters set by user

Take control of your network today with NMesh

  • Intelligent setup makes operation seamless for ISP and their subscribers.
  • Robust, whole-home coverage is table stakes for today’s home network requirements.
  • Application-aware tuning provides an optimal user experience anywhere in home.
  • Commercial-level security protects the subscriber and their sensitive data.
  • Chipset and mesh protocol agnostic helps reduce time-to-market.
  • Control App and Cloud Service network management tools reduce ISP support costs.
  • Network performance data provides useful marketing insights.
  • Value-added features (Parental Controls, Guest Access, and WiFi Motion) offer added security.